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Three Days Grace at Ed Fest

I have posted a quick review of the Three Days Grace performance at this year's Ed Fest. Please head on over and check it out (pictures to come... digital camera is on my list of things to purchase, recommedations?)

Also I met up with zeugma today to pick up my entrance pass for Friday. I was kind of nervous at first while telling my coworkers where I was goin, but as I rode the bus to meet up I got more relaxed and when I saw zeugma at the door I got excited :D I might not have totally shown it, but I have issues with showing emotions or something or other. I was thinking about it later that maybe I should have mentioned my hair colour, since I got it dyed a few weeks ago (tells you how much I pay attention to my own hair and style). It is a shame that we couldn't talk more and that my cell rang (it was my mother, btw), but we shall chat lots when we go out for drinks and a movie :D
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